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Important [MUST READ]

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:17 pm

Our one and only aim is to destroy  Cambridge School Srinivaspuri and to make a new start. Lets have a positive attitude and I am sure that the result will always be good for us. I want that every student should get freedom to speak,ask questions without any fear but this nab school is against our policies. Let's fight together to make this school a place for real education where everyone should be respected. The teachers are least bothered about the future of a single student in this school. The teachers are lacking in basic concepts especially in the field of maths and science which are really the important subjects which decides the future of many students. This school is master in corruption and it is corrupt. I really request all the guardian of the student to protest against this school. This forum is only a medium from where the students and their guardians can protest against the school. I want all of you to take this thing seriously and to think about this school twice before taking admission. I only want you all to participate in this protest against CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL SRINIVASPURI.


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