Characteristics of the teachers

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Characteristics of the teachers

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:49 pm

Vice Principal

His nick name is Dasi but his real name is Narayan. Students gave him this nickname. He don't know how to talk in English. He only knows Telugu and Hindi. He is a teacher of accounts but he lack in basic concepts of Maths but he never admit this thing. One of the retard est teacher of the school is the person who represents the school "Vice Principle".

Sirmila Adhikari

The sleeping beauty of the nab School is Sirmila Adhikari . She is the English teacher. She comes to school only for sleeping and eating. She is not even graduate in English but she is teaching English in the school. She sleeps in the school for hours and hours and eats as if she will never get the food in her whole life. Her basic concepts of English is also lacking.


I don't know her full name because people call him by her sir-name. She is the Hitler of Cambridge School as well as she looks like a witch. She is the teacher of Maths. Once upon a time her husband died in a car accident but she takes the revenge from the students by scolding them in small matters. No matter what the situation is she knows how to scold a student.

Rukmani Devi

Pornstar of our school. Not even 12th pass and she is teaching Hindi in our school. She know nothing about Hindi and always scolds innocent children. Teaches as if she is teaching to the ghost always harassing students. She do as if she is the boss of the nab and dumboo school but I think that she also acts as a school pion who rings the bell.


People don"t know her name too, they call her by her sirname. She was the girlfriend of Gulati( the abuser of our school). She is no 1 pass timer in the school does nothing, only comes to the school drinks tea and then goes in the second floor(GENTS STAFF ROOM) to show dance. She is also a bar dancer. She is the sports teacher of our school and the best time passer of our school.


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